November 20, 2007

Behind the scenes...

Then there were Chandra and Mike. Sigh. The sheer size and majestic magnitude of their reception wowed many a guest I'm sure. The collection of vendors selected were among the best of the best in the area and we were proud to be part of it. We wish this fab doctor duo a lifetime of happiness and we hope they truly enjoyed their cake and truffle boxes; enough for 260 or was indeed a labor of love to maintain the stamina to complete the important task. The florals and centerpieces were done by one of my favorites; Dan McCann of Five Seasons Floral in Fayetteville. Stunning only begins to describe the vision that he turned into a reality that seemed effortless. Having been there during the almost chaotic set up, I can tell you that his team even made it LOOK effortless, though I know it was not. Often even I don't get the chance to see the work behind the scenes, usually I arrive after the room is set but before guests enter - sometimes just before and I get to see the smiles as I leave the venue and the loved ones gather. This time, I got to see the hard work and sweat that is behind the beautiful vision, and was lucky enough to see Chandra's heartfelt reaction to all that work as well.

If you know my preferences for cake design, you know I'm not partial to fresh flowers anywhere near my cakes. I make few exceptions to this rule I have; I have been known to individually wrap the stem of each and every flower that is inserted into my cake. And I do the placement. My cakes are not the canvas for the florist, hopefully the cake plays a large part in your decor and at the very least it can stand on it's own not needing any help from the florist. The other exception is based on the florist you use. One of whom I welcome is Dan. As you can see...Chandra's cake was in fact the towering showpiece it was largely due to Dan. To cut to the chase, at one point after laying each beautiful stem one by one with his direction to get me started I turned and said to him "Dan, I can't see the cake anymore, does that mean I am done?" The cake was just right. Even though you could barely see it. But it was a vision, and hopefully it met Chandra's vision of the perfect cake.

Thank you Chandra and Mike for choosing us to help in making your vision a reality.