July 6, 2006

Edible Invitations™!

Invitastions are available exclusively at Sweet Talk Boutique. Jen and Erin launched a brand new website with online shopping and a variety of customizable options for your one of a kind invites. Check it out today! this info added 4/23/08 by Jen for your convenience! Continue on for the original blog post dated in 2006. By all means feel free to check out more current posts; including the post dated June 18, 2007 found in the archives. Have a peek, just scroll down.

Earlier this year, Erin McKenna Nowak of BrideDesign and I introduced a new and exciting collaboration in Skaneateles at the Lodge at Welch-Allyn. It was at Syracuse Wedding Magazine’s bridal show that we were met with much enthusiasm for this innovative and delicious product. After this launch we were also featured as a “Women TIES Success Story” in the Spring 2006 WomenTIES Newsletter.

Starting at $15 per invitation, hostesses can send their guest a unique custom made cookie printed with the time, date, and location of the event. Pictures and art work can also be printed on the cookie. Shrink-wrapped for freshness, and tied lovingly with coordinating tissue paper and ribbon, these invitations ship wonderfully enclosed in a high-quality A7 mailing box with a decorative sash to fit the brand or theme of the event and invitation. And as the Women TIES article noted these completely edible invites "... are just as good as they look."

Just in case a guest can't wait to consume my delicious sugar cookie/shortbread combination recipe,
Erin’s printed paper invitation is also included along with the cookie. Tailored to the individual needs of an event, edible invitations are perfect for bridal showers, bridesmaid luncheons and teas, birthdays and anniversaries, as well as weddings, corporate events, or any celebration that you'd like to announce with a deliciously different twist!

She Takes The Cake and Bride Design are the only source in Central New York offering this new and (literally!) tasteful approach to invitations. Inquire today regarding this unique product by emailing Jen at Be sure to ask about our suite of products that compliment your invitation; from the initial save the date card to the cake,
Erin and I work together making your brand and your event a truly tasteful, unforgettable occasion! copyright Erin McKenna Nowak and Jen Comfort 2006.

The sweet suite shown here was photographed by Emily Cavaco. Emily was extremely comfortable to work with, and obviously has a real eye for detail. I highly recommend her, contact her at her website;

July 3, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Well, no better time to post this cake than Independence Day! I hope you get a kick out of it, it was a real pleasure to make it.

This wedding cake from June 3rd was for a sweet young couple off to a start that not many of us would welcome, but one that all of us can support. She is young and standing behind her man, he is young and standing up for our country. Ryan would have shipped out just a few days after the wedding, with Heather to be on her way shortly after to off-base housing to wait for him. Such a touching story, all too familiar these days. I could feel the family's support for this couple from the first contact from Ryan's mother, and it was a joy to set up the cake while they all hustled around getting ready for the reception. I hope they enjoyed it too!

Best wishes Heather and Ryan, God Bless you both!