June 29, 2008

Congrats Grads!

Whew! This weekend is over!!! Didn't get photos of everything; like the annual trio of cakes for our local high school served to friends and families at commencement yesterday. Other orders focused on the grads' love of sports they've participated in during their high school careers. Basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf among the favs. We even had a cake airbrushed with a rainbow trout in there.

This one - my favorite - was part of a very special order. A three tier fondant cake featuring a basketball and soccer ball with cap and tassel on top! Surrounded by golf ball cupcakes it was a great tribute to this grad's love of sports, with a little pink nod to his mom.

we miss you "R", hope the cake's to your liking - sorry we didn't get a chance to design it together.

June 24, 2008

Wearin' my baker's pride...

Hey check this out!
Recently I purchased and now am the proud owner of several concerned looks of passersby when they see me at first glance in my new tshirt from bakelove. It's comfy and wicked cute! And I just love it, but I guess I'll reserve wearing it for baking or other cake related events, since the moms at the park didn't quite share the love. LOL

I also recently had a tshirt or two of my own made up to display my affection for a certain well known baker...or rather the persona that millions of fans have grown to love. (And shhhh, don't tell anyone but quite a few cake artists have grown to love to hate. Okay, that's a strong word...we've grown tired of hearing "oooh, your cakes are like that guy on must watch the show!" ugh.) Yep. You know who I mean. Love him, love the show, love-love-love his staff; I am a fan, but come on, for every Food Network Ace, I could name hundreds just as talented but undiscovered artists. Frankly, I'd love my own Mary Alice...but that ain't gonna happen. LOL
So with much admiration and hilarity I debut for you my own little tshirt that I secretly wear under my hot pink hoodie on deliveries. And hey if I run into an irate fan...well I can just say I'm a bad golfer or lost a distant relative to a bad coal mining incident. (hey look it up, I did).

And then there's a tshirt next on my wish list; a tasteful word play on the milkshake line from that song LOL. When discussing this shirt recently, my 9 year old overheard the conversation and said I should go ahead and get it. Under my breath I muttered that I'd rather not have to explain the meaning of the phrase till she piped up with "but it's true Mommy and you should get it!" She's right, my cupcakes do bring all the boys to my least it brings the two little twins from down the street to my studio door on a weekly basis asking for scraps. I swear those two are like stray cats outside the fish monger's place! Add the twins (the boys...) to the other neighborhood kids and I'd have some serious truth in advertising with that shirt! So, maybe I will have to enlarge my tshirt collection. I see a habit forming, if I buy more, I'll blog it - you know, just to keep you abreast of the situation. This lovely shirt came from sugadeaux, you can get yours there.

June 10, 2008

That stand is the Boss, man!

So I finally did it...bought an awesome cupcake stand instead of making them all the time. Because let's face it, at some point one really just needs to eliminate unnecessary work and make things just a tiny bit easier. Picture me, planning and baking, baking and creating; wondering just how in the heck am I going to get that stand made for a last minute order when I am already neck high in sugar and butter?

Boss Manufacturing to the rescue!! I'd had them in the back of my mind for some time, but just put off buying anything in the past. I am so totally at the point where saving a buck does NOT always overrule my own time and effort. And really, sometimes it's ok to just buy it elsewhere...not to mention one tiny little detail...this stand is AWESOME!

I looked them up online at, I gave them a call very early in the morning expecting a machine to answer and low and behold I got a live person and Julie helped me place my order for this stand in silver powdercoat. I was done in less than 10 minutes and because I needed the stand right away we went with 3 day shipping...can I just tell you I got it in 2 days!

For the cupcake tree pictured above, I removed one of the plates, so they are slightly versatile in that way. The event planners that ordered the cupcakes loved the display and the stand itself. it's easy enough to dress it up just a bit if you like that sort of thing, but really it can totally stand on it's own.

So thanks Boss...your customer service and your stands rock!

This stand is now in my arsenal of items you can use with your cake orders or rent when it's available.