July 3, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Well, no better time to post this cake than Independence Day! I hope you get a kick out of it, it was a real pleasure to make it.

This wedding cake from June 3rd was for a sweet young couple off to a start that not many of us would welcome, but one that all of us can support. She is young and standing behind her man, he is young and standing up for our country. Ryan would have shipped out just a few days after the wedding, with Heather to be on her way shortly after to off-base housing to wait for him. Such a touching story, all too familiar these days. I could feel the family's support for this couple from the first contact from Ryan's mother, and it was a joy to set up the cake while they all hustled around getting ready for the reception. I hope they enjoyed it too!

Best wishes Heather and Ryan, God Bless you both!