August 17, 2006

Truffes de Gateaux

Sinfully rich, these truffles feature a hand cut, ultra-dense ganache and brownie-like center, individually hand dipped in fine gourmet dark or milk chocolate couverture.
Available as chocolate only, or infused with a variety of liqueurs and flavors (Chambord with blackberry ganache is a favorite), at approximately 1.25" square they are a bite of perfection.

They can be finished with an assortment of tasty textrues; toffee bits are very popular, as are cocoa nibs, or can be custom imprinted with your slogan, logo or monogram.

Truffes de Gateaux are perfect for corporate or special occasion gift giving and are available in bulk for your event, or in a variety of gift packages for personal delivery.

August 3, 2006

Summer's Bounty

This beauty is simply dripping with gum paste flowers and marzipan fruits. Jennica, a geniunly sweet and beautiful bride, wanted her cake to exude a feeling of abundance. Brightly colored summer flowers and lots of fruit were her main desire. She also requested just a touch of modern whimsy to the cake shape without straying too far from traditional, so its tiers are carved and tilted just a little to help the overflowing effect of the flowers.

This cake traveled to Alexandria Bay and was displayed and served along with approximately 250 assorted pastries, also made by us, at her reception at The Edgewood Resort. A beautiful view was enjoyed by her guests, and we enjoyed meeting the very pleasant staff at the venue. The bride and her international guests were most pleased with the cake and pastries. Thank you Jennica for choosing us to design the perfect cake for you!