July 14, 2007

Talk About Fun!

This year I've had the pleasure of creating some really great cakes for some spectacular couples. Today's wedding cake was certainly no exception to our "not your Grandmother's cake" rule.

A relatively quick order compared to the more typical timeline of up to a year of planning, today's cake was initiated by an email that read "I'd love to just let the cake maker come up with something... maybe an iceberg with penguins on it or something might be nice:)."

I'm so glad she found me, because when a bride points me in the direction they'd like to go and then lets me just go with it the cake will undoubtedly be fun to create and enjoyable to look at. You can see a few more pictures of the cake on my flickr account.

Thanks Rebecca for putting your cake in my hands. I hope you and Phil enjoyed it as much as I did!