September 11, 2008

Mod Circles and Pink Velvet

Laura and Joe from the Penguin Custom Ice Cream family came to me with a plan, and their finished cake is so close to the original vision it's just wonderful. Very few edits or changes were made except for a minor serving number change so all in all we can add this order to the ever growing list of most enjoyable wedding cakes. They were fun to work with too, so I hope we were on their list of most enjoyable vendors. What kind of cake does a cute, funky, young couple want? How about chocolate fondant and chocolate butter cream cake and cupcakes capped off with very pink and orange mod circles? Yeah, that fits the bill!

The cakes have just been picked up and are on their way to final destination. I am now in clean up mode and preparing for a trip to a family friend's wedding which just happens to be in Cooperstown - where the a fore mentioned ice cream shop is located.

Guess where I'm going for a treat? Of course none of Laura's wedding party will be there, and she and Joe and Val and the gang aren't working, but Val assured me the staff on hand will take care of us. So while I'm enjoying a cold one, they'll be enjoying their cakes; my white almond cake with signature raspberry citrus Schnapps' syrup and fresh lemon curd and raspberry filling, my Chocolate Chambord cake with ganache and raspberry filling and a perfect amount of Chambord, and my pink velvet cake. Yep, pink velvet. Think red velvet only pink. It's a little lighter but just as yummy. and helloooo, it's pink!

As the years have gone by and my business has grown to the point where I feel it will burst, I've begun to really try and fit it all together in a more cohesive way, it's still just me here baking and designing. It's a lot of hard work. The hardest part is sometimes the balance. I won't be taking a cake to our friend's wedding, I decided as soon as the engagement was announced that even if I were to be blessed enough to be asked, I would much rather be a loved family member in attendance than a vendor - or even worse a guest who couldn't keep her eyes open because she was too tired after 2 days of cake leading up to the wedding. I'd miss the ceremony all together no doubt. Most certainly I'd miss the rehearsal dinner and since my husband is in the bridal party we can't have that nonsense. So this order for Laura and Joe was a happy little ironic circumstance. They're essentially from the town where I have to go for our friend's wedding. At first I debated taking the order; on the one hand I could drop it off on the convenient. On the other hand; see above sentence regarding sleeping through a ceremony. But then fate set in and Laura and Joe would require the cakes to be done early for a pick up today because their ceremony and reception is not taking place in Cooperstown. So, there you have it. I love it when it all comes together and I can be part of a very special day for a great couple. and, now I have an "in" to a new ice cream shop!

Congratulations Laura and Joe, my very best wishes for a wonderful life together, and thanks again for letting me be part of your day!