November 4, 2008

Boo! Wait a minute, that's not scary!

Yep, I did it...I dressed up for Halloween. I wish I had a better photo to share but alas, here I am in all my cupcake glory! It was fun. And ok, it was a little scary!Look for my pink version next summer in our local Memorial Day Parade. Hmmm...I wonder how well mini cupcakes will be received when I throw them to the crowd instead of candy like all the other entries do...yeah, stay tuned for that one!

You can make your own cupcake costume; if I can whip one up in a couple hours so can you! I used a round laundry basket, cut out the bottom, and hand stitched with a running stitch the fabric (on sale!) for the cupcake liner. The frosting was some even more fabulous fluffy fleece I found (also on sale) and simply sewed it into very long tubes and stuffed it loosely with fiberfill. Then I tacked it in place in several sections to mimic the swirl of icing. I do believe the lack of a cherry on top or sprinkles is made up for by the striped stockings!

Yes SuziHomemaker, I'll take my time on the next one! Ooh a cupcake costume in late May...wonder if I can put air conditioning in there?!

A blog by any other name...

...would have more updates. Wow folks! You stick with me even when I'm not around to post as frequently as I'd like. I sincerely appreciate it!

One of the things that has been occupying my time as of late is Entrepreneur Boot Camp at Syracuse University. What and why? Well, in a nutshell I came to the realization that I've come very far with my cake business on only a wing and a prayer, the support of friends and family (and ok, humbly I say there's some God given talent too) . But really, "winging it" has been my approach over the last 9 years. What started out as purely refusing to pay for something I knew I wouldn't be happy with has blossomed into what it is now and when I imagine what it could have been if I had done it correctly...well, I am speechless. Speechless at the thought of the possibilities. Speechless at the thought of the blood, sweat and tears that could have been spared, or at least shed a bit less often. And speechless at the thought of how far I have come without knowing what the hell I was doing. Yep, I feel that way sometimes.

So, I'm hopeful that Boot Camp will provide some of the much needed tools I'm lacking and give insight to the skills I need to continue in the correct direction. Bigger? Maybe, maybe not. Better? Well, obviously I hope so. But in the right direction for me, my family, my community and my customers.

Because without the 3 of you...She Takes The Cake would be nothing. Thanks, and stay tuned. Everything that is in the works now will hopefully be unveiled by next year. Just in time for year 10. Don't you just love a Grand Anniversary Re-Opening? I do! Are things on hold till then? NO! You can still get the best tasting, coolest looking cakes and goodies around from STTC. And Sweet Talk Boutique is growing everyday. I'm still working hard to try and bring the best of everything and for now it is still just me baking in the studio and answering emails and phones. (I know...seems crazy doesn't it!?) But with great collaborations like with Erin of Bride Design on our STB line and the ongoing support and return orders from all the terrific clients new and old, we will strive to grow and lead the CNY are with edible creations that continue to excite us all!