November 4, 2008

Boo! Wait a minute, that's not scary!

Yep, I did it...I dressed up for Halloween. I wish I had a better photo to share but alas, here I am in all my cupcake glory! It was fun. And ok, it was a little scary!Look for my pink version next summer in our local Memorial Day Parade. Hmmm...I wonder how well mini cupcakes will be received when I throw them to the crowd instead of candy like all the other entries do...yeah, stay tuned for that one!

You can make your own cupcake costume; if I can whip one up in a couple hours so can you! I used a round laundry basket, cut out the bottom, and hand stitched with a running stitch the fabric (on sale!) for the cupcake liner. The frosting was some even more fabulous fluffy fleece I found (also on sale) and simply sewed it into very long tubes and stuffed it loosely with fiberfill. Then I tacked it in place in several sections to mimic the swirl of icing. I do believe the lack of a cherry on top or sprinkles is made up for by the striped stockings!

Yes SuziHomemaker, I'll take my time on the next one! Ooh a cupcake costume in late May...wonder if I can put air conditioning in there?!