November 19, 2008

How many cakeglrs does it take

Hey friends! I've been busy setting up a new blogsite so that all my goodies will be in one place! I'm loving my new Kertesz site so far, check out this sneak peek and let me know what you think. I've still got some work to do and then it will be so much easier to manage to stay on top of updating the site and blog. Multitasking isn't always my cup of tea. A couple cakes, cookie orders, play time with kids, maybe a phone call or two... problem ~ but throw in a website, blog, flickr, twitter, facebook...well you get the idea. Let's just say it's no kidding I'm not a full time blogger. Lots in store folks, come along for the ride!

You can get your own Kertesz blogsite here. Check it out and see what others are saying about and doing with their sites. I'm finding it relatively easy...and I'm managing to figure out how to add special custom touches too with the helpful forums and via emails with Marc and Christine.