May 15, 2006

Busy Little Baker...

Well, it's been a bit crazy around here lately. A good sign that we've grown since this time last year, since I don't recall being this busy last spring! Maybe I blocked it out?

My website will be updated some time this summer with a whole new look, so I'll be adding some photos now and then here, starting with this one - our third wedding cake of the year. A custom embroidered design based on the bride's favorite quilt from a catalog and a bit of sari-like embroidery for her untraditional Hindu reception at The Turning Stone Casino. This 5 tier cake (two of which were faux tiers) is covered in chocolate fondant and the embroidery applied with fondant sugar icing in the Sugar Veil pen. The piping work took approximately 9 hours to layout and complete on the cake. The bride chose Chocolate Espresso cake with espresso ganache for the bottom tier, and a couple of tiers of white cake for the traditional guests.

This cake is just one of the many projects I've been busy with this spring. Our summer calendar is full, we are accepting no more new wedding orders for 2006!!! 2007 seems far away but will be upon us sooner than we think, and orders for next year are coming in with June already almost full. This cake is somewhat typical of this year's weddings; original, detailed, eye catching and not your typical cake at all. I hope you enjoy it!