July 1, 2008

BakeOff! Throwdowns on Flickr

So there's a new group on flickr that I'm loving being part of, the BakeOff! group. We've got at least 200 members already and it's relatively new yet. All cake designers and decorators - cuppies too - of all different skill levels out for a good time. The idea of the group is that two members will challenge one another for a throwdown; come up with an inspiration or concept and each create a cake in one week without seeing the other cake or knowing anything about it other than the idea itself. Then, photos of the cakes are anonymously posted to the group by administrators and members vote for their favorite interpretation of the concept.

This cake was my interpretation of the theme that Kim from cupcaketastic and I threw down on. We decided it would be for an eccentric wedding couple, two tiers high, and that we would do whatever we like based on an inspiration board compiled of images she and I sent to an admin of the group for selection. Of the 4 images we each sent, a total of 6 were chosen and then announced to us at the same time for fair play. Surprisingly, a couple of the photos were somewhat similar - we must have good taste LOL. But our cakes couldn't be more different! I'm proud to say I "won" this challenge, but it was a close one! It was all for fun, and that it was!

Weddiquette Blog Giveaway!

Get over to Weddiquette Blog to enter her first give away! This month, for this week, Sweet Talk Boutique is the featured give away with a 30$ value...that's TWO cookie greetings or Invitastions for you!

All you have to do is comment on the blog post at Weddiquette which of the listed items you would most like to have either for yourself or perhaps a bridesmaid or new bride. It's that easy! At the end of the giveaway, we'll find out who the winner is and make arrangements to get that super yummy gift on it's way.

If you don't already have Weddiquette on your must read list, take a look around the site. All the do's and dont's for weddings and some great tips and links too. Weddiquette is a blog about wedding etiquette, style, and planning - where original ideas are shared about favors, invites, fashion, fellow bloggers, decor, and more! They're on our list...add them to yours and maybe get yourself a cookie in the process.