June 29, 2008

Congrats Grads!

Whew! This weekend is over!!! Didn't get photos of everything; like the annual trio of cakes for our local high school served to friends and families at commencement yesterday. Other orders focused on the grads' love of sports they've participated in during their high school careers. Basketball, soccer, baseball, and golf among the favs. We even had a cake airbrushed with a rainbow trout in there.

This one - my favorite - was part of a very special order. A three tier fondant cake featuring a basketball and soccer ball with cap and tassel on top! Surrounded by golf ball cupcakes it was a great tribute to this grad's love of sports, with a little pink nod to his mom.

we miss you "R", hope the cake's to your liking - sorry we didn't get a chance to design it together.