November 20, 2007

2007 Season at an end...

Wow! Boy have I been busy (neglecting my blog...)! It seems now more than ever it is harder to set time aside for anything that does not have an immediate deadline! I thought I'd take some time now to update this poor lonely blog and wrap up the 2007 wedding season. My season at least, it does seem to end in early winter. Must be a Central New York winter is as appealing to most brides as it is to me. I'm sure winter weddings are happening here, I just don't get calls for them. I guess I'll have to utilize those new winter tires some other way.

So, the steady flow of unique cakes continued to the end, I left off with an image of Rebecca's wicked cool penguin cake in July, but the creativity didn't end there. I really enjoyed quite a few others and wanted to share them now.

Tina and Sabu...well, how to describe them. There are no words really, the cake sort of says it all. Sometimes I get a real glimpse at each couple via their requests and vision, other times it is the consultations where I actually meet the pair and really see how they fit - with each other and with me for their cake. Tina found me online as most brides do and we quickly discovered what a small world we live in; she has connections to a distant relative of mine who happens to live up the street! That was just one little thing that made doing her cake a real event. Add that to the showers of praise from Tina of course and the event turned into real joy. Her cake was so unique, just like her. Kind of quirky, very bubbly, tons of fun, and yet elegant and classy all at the same time. (hers is the creamsicle cake above. yes, I said creamsicle.) The edible bead work is based on the amazing bead work on the bodice of her gown by Jenny Packham.