July 27, 2008


Or should I say, "have a frosty one on me"?

A fun little cake for today's pick up. This little bugger(er...mugger?) is on it's way to a surprise party for the client's 80 year old mother.

I typically find out what the client or recipient likes to do for a hobby, or maybe even their occupation, or I'll ask for favorite colors or flowers, etc. We didn't really know what direction we were headed with this order, those questions were met with little response. When I asked what does she like to do..."she loves beer" was the response.

With a little laugh I suggested a big ol' beer mug and boy was I surprised when that comical idea was met with an overwhelming YES! Of course I wondered if this was the most tasteful way to go and the response was a very clear "have you met my mother?!"

Indeed I have...we think she'll like her cake. I hear it's been fun keeping the party a surprise. The countdown has started, we'll see if she is blown away by the effort her family made to make today special.

Of course she'll love it, who wouldn't? I love it when I can be part of such a terrific event, comical or sober (bad pun sorry). Clients who work hard to make an awesome surprise party for their mom....hey, I'll drink to that!