May 15, 2008

You can't get there from here...

Or perhaps we should have named it "She's in the boonies but Takes Your Cake anywhere you want".

In an effort to help out my prospective brides, and at the risk of unannounced visitors, we've finally done a map of our location in reference to Syracuse NY. It will be linked to the website for easy access. Please note; as always has been the case with Jen's must have a prepaid appointment for a consult OR be picking up a cake when you visit. Please, do not just show up to try some's not gonna happen. Things are baked frozen cake, no case full of goodies, no samples on a whim! Got it? Good!
So, there you have it, directions to my little slice of heaven. It's gorgeous here - just ask anyone who has made the trip and thought they were lost. I always tell my brides to just hang in there for about 5 more minutes if they think they made a wrong turn, and it works every time.

And hey...where'd we get that cool map?! Well, I made it. Kicking and screaming and swearing along the route I made it. But I totally followed the tips and directions over at wedding mapper to figure it out. I had a little trouble, but admittedly didn't follow their map to a "T", mostly because I was impatient, but hey...I suggest you do it their way. I also didn't have a whole wedding party to design invites and maps for, I recommend this site for those couples that do. And if you can't figure it out or want them to do it for you, they will!

Enjoy the ride! Oh and by the way...we make the trip ALL THE TIME, so I don't want to hear any of those lame-o "we're choosing a bakery closer to our venue" excuses ;-) Besides, didn't you hear, it's totally worth the trip!

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