May 10, 2008

Attention Please...Not All Fondant Tastes Like Crap...

There! I've said it. And it's true dang it!

Here are a few other little bridal cake bubbles I'd like to burst for you.

  • The "Get a fake cake and serve a few sheets" thing the magazines perpetuate to frugal brides...not liking that little myth at all. In an effort to debunk this little beauty, I will elaborate later, but the long and short of this one is that in an effort to save a few bucks all you will probably up with is cheap. There are of course exceptions, but I can count them on one hand. And you might not save any money either; no really, it's true.
  • "Nobody eats cake anyway, don't waste your money". Nobody eats BAD cake and BAD cake gets left on a plate. GOOD cake doesn't go uneaten. And not all wedding cake is bad.
  • "Don't use the W word, it will cost extra". Contrary to popular belief one will find in chat rooms and magazines, not all wedding cake vendors are out to rip you off. Most professional, experienced designers will take our years of experience and talent into full consideration and ADD those elements to our cost and overhead when we dictate our pricing structures.
  • "It's just flour, sugar, and eggs...anyone can DIY a wedding cake". Yep, and anyone can spend the last two days before your wedding day chained to a kitchen covered in said flour, sugar, and eggs. Do you really want it to be you and yo' momma? (and two days is IF you've already done a practice run or two...or four...)
  • "Let them compete for your order". Ok, who started this little bit of rudeness? Sending a mass email without the benefit of blind cc to every cake vendor in your area asking for our best price is not going to get us to compete for your business. It may however get your contact info quickly thrown into the trash.
  • "Butter cream is better. Fondant tastes like crap". Nope, not always, and like I said...Not All Fondant Tastes Like Crap. And while we're on the subject; some fondant designs can be done in butter cream, but some can't. You better check the portfolio of whoever promises you that they can to see if they can put their dough where their mouth is.
Look for a future post with my take on cake...I'll give you the run down on some things to expect and what to look for when cake shopping. Just think of it as one more piece of advice from one little cake designer to help you make your choices a bit easier. Everyone is different but having some basic info should prove helpful to your planning. The biggest tip I can give is to pick your priorities and do your research. You know...cake research...the kind of research where homework is doing a taste test! But really people, every wedding may need a cake, but not every wedding needs the most expensive cake. Find what you're comfortable with in your budget range, but know your range before you shop and know what your priorities really are.

Your guests will remember if you had a drop dead gorgeous cake that tasted like crap. They'll remember if you had an amazingly delicious cake that looked like crap. They'll remember an amazing cake that tasted as good as it looked every time but what you WANT them to remember is that the day was amazing and the food, including the cake, and company was great. fondant is yummy.