May 20, 2008

The evolution of a cake bite...

We've all seen them now; this once obscure little taste of ultimate cake and chocolaty goodness. We've even seen them take many a form.

From the fancy schmancy truffes de gateaux to the too cute for words cupcake pops from bakerella.

How about a butterfly? Why? Because I can silly! And so can you.

Make your favorite recipe of cake bite dough, but instead of rolling it in a ball use your rolling pin to make sheets of the dough about 3/8" thick (or more if your mouth is on the side of large). Then just use your favorite little butterfly cutter and cut your sheet of cake bite dough, chill, then dip. But...ahhh, the finishing touch...cut up some of your favorite chocolate transfer sheets to fit and lay your bite to set on the transfer. This lovely baroque sheet from Fancy Flours was perfect - couldn't you already see the butterfly in there? I did.

Have fun!

~ then have a bite or two!

My favorite cake bites are made with blackberry infused ganache and my chocolate chambord cake, but you can make them however you like.