May 17, 2008

Elegant and Easy DIY favor boxes

So, you've decided on the treat, but you have no idea how to present it with taste and style. Here's a design I've done that's super simple but has a huge impact for presentation factor. It's a little time consuming, but the pay off is worth it and the difficulty level is fairly low.

A small to mid size take out box will easily hold 2-4 truffles or cake bites, 2 ounces of bite size cookies, or even a small cupcake! Be sure to bag those goodies in a FDA approved cello bag first to avoid unsightly stains on the box that may soak into the cardstock from any butter content in your treats.
You will need:

  • your favorite take out box or box template and some pretty cardstock or textured stock.
  • grosgrain or double face satin ribbon of 3/8" width by about 8" length
  • accent ribbon of about 1" width by about 4" length
  • silk flowers pulled from the stems, shown are hydrangea silk blossoms, 2 layers of petals
  • hang tags already printed; leave extra margin in the top left corner of the tags
  • decorative grommets and grommet setting tool or small hammer
  • you may need an craft knife in addition to shears and a hole punch tool
All of these items can be purchased at your favorite craft store or online of course.
I chose grosgrain ribbon to compliment my ribbed cardstock boxes, and used a palate of moss green and mustard yellow. I was even able to find the perfect mustard ribbon with moss edging.
  1. With your box already assembled, mark and punch, on the two narrowest opposite side panels, 1 hole about 3/4" from the top flap fold line. Tie a knot on one end of the 3/8" ribbon and thread the ribbon through the hole from the inside out so that the knot is in the inside of the box. Continue to thread the ribbon through on the opposite panel of the box from the outside in and tie off the ribbon on the inside of the box. This was the trickiest part, the box can sort of get in your way while tying that second knot.
  2. Mark and punch one hole about 1/2" from the corner of what will be the top left flap of the box "lid". Mark and punch one hole in the top left margin of your hang tags.
  3. Strip your silk flowers from the stems and select your blossoms. Layer them in twos so that the blossoms sort of overlap one another so you can see all the petals. You do not need to punch a hole here, one is already there from the stem. Put these aside.
  4. From an "awareness ribbon" loop with the 1" wide ribbon and punch a hole through both layers of the ribbon where they cross.
  5. Layer your pieces in this order from top to bottom; blossoms, ribbon loop, hang tag, and place on your lid flap lining up the holes.
  6. Secure the blossoms and ribbon to the flap with your decorative grommet.
  7. Fill your boxes
  8. Wow your guests!
Can't you just imagine lots of other ways to embellish take out boxes? I can. Enjoy!