November 21, 2007

We're not just Sweet Talkin' ya...

An edible greeting card?? Can it be true?? Well, YES! If you haven't seen our Invitastions yet...go check it out for crying out loud!

Erin and I are ready for all your edible correspondence needs - betcha you didn't know you had a need for it. Too cute to resist, Erin's catalog of sweet illustrations on my yummy cookies just in time for the holidays are ready for you to order.

Want the breakdown? Pick an occasion, choose your icon, add your text, select a ribbon and leave the rest to us. And before you ask...yes, a non edible card is included so the sentiment lasts long after the cookie is devoured.

Head on over to for more info. Email me at for a line sheet and order form and look for the shopping cart soon, we'll have that up and running just as fast as we can - it's still cookin'.