June 18, 2007

New sites are up!

Well, so much for a new start at keeping you freshly updated with our news! The new websites are up and running, showcasing more of our work and hopefully in an easier to navigate environment. You all know about I'm sure, but new to the Internet is Easily accessible from the cake site and from Erin's invite site, which is currently undergoing a remodel of it's own.

I've added some fresh new cake designs to the gallery for you, and I've limited the chatter to info I think you need to make that initial decision of whether or not I'm the type of designer you are looking for! As we begin to make our mark in local and national media, we'll add those elements too.

Speaking of which; keep an eye open for WCNY's Business Close Up; an interview with Jen to air hopefully June 21st at 9pm. I know I'll be watching!

A recent Q&A with Jen and Erin was distributed via WomenTies weekly newsletter as well. A fab group of women entrepreneurs in CNY; if you aren't a member or aren't aware of it, check it out!

So, back to cakes and cookies as it were...the oven timer is calling my name!!