January 9, 2007

A Good Start...and a recap.

So after a long break from blogging, I thought I'd try to get off to a good start. It's that time again to buckle down on paperwork and prepare for taxes; it always seems to come so fast. While I'm still adding up mileage and inventory figures, I am doing it with a smile. We've had significant growth this past year, thanks to all our wonderful clients - old and new. I knew we had grown because of how tired I always am, there was a not so seemingly short period where I just felt like I couldn't keep up with orders. But the numbers are in (most of them) and things look great! I'll be bringing on a new pair of hands to the business and boy is she talented. We make a terrific team, and I feel very positive about approaching her employ with enthusiasm. We'll still be able to fulfill our regular orders, take on a few select wholesale orders, and I'll be able to concentrate even more on the artsy work I love. Best of all... I'll also be able to more successfully juggle family and cake and give my poor, dedicated, supportive and amazing hubby a break. Behind every good cakegrl is a great man!

We have decided to severely limit the number of bridal shows we do this year. So if we saw you at the show on the 7th, we are lucky to have met you. We had a great time as always, and even have been blessed enough to have a client already booking her cake 2 days later. This is a first for us. We proudly fall into the category of dream cake so even though we have a blast at the shows interacting with couples and even the other vendors; showcasing our latest designs, the shows are not always productive for us. 2007 will be a year of redirecting our focus on how we interact with the public. Shows are not out of the question; in fact, we hope to be highly involved in the format of something great and innovative for the area, so stayed tuned.

One of several highlights for 2006 was participating in the March of Dimes Signature Chef Auction for the second year. I truly was blessed to be part of this event and am excited to share that for the second year in a row we did our part by having the highest bid amount for any items auctioned off. Our Cake of the Month Club is up and running, gaining some new loyal followers as we go along (haven't heard of it? call me!) and in 2005 the winning bid for a year membership at the auction was $950.00. We barely exceeded that amount in 2006 with a bid of $965.00. We had a great time laughing it up with Chef Bob from Wegman's; who came in close second. I can't wait for the 2007 auction so we can again do our part for the babes and see if a higher bid is even possible!

Another high for us was an incredible cake designed for a client that wanted to wow everyone. At just over 10ft tall and atop an ice sculpture instead of a table, the cake turned lots of heads. We had a parade of on lookers during set up, which I unfortunately had my back to the whole time as I was on a ladder concentrating on the tall task at hand. Eight hand painted custom cake tiers all on top of an ice table carved to perfection by Stan at The Ice Farm. A first in Central NY I'm sure, though I originally saw the concept from a cake designer out west.

And 2007 is off to that good start. A terrific photo of one of my custom designed cakes along side a very brief description in CNY Good Life magazine was a wonderful thing to see! A few other bakeries were listed as well in the Jan-Feb issue highlighting information about wedding and wedding planning. Check it out!

You can still visit us at our website which was redesigned in late summer. It's a bit long toothed so another redesign is in the future. ( I just don't know when to quit talking...) So keep an eye out for that as well. I have no idea when we'll actually accomplish it, but my goal is to get you in and out of the site in a hurry with your sweet tooth just begging for more. There currently is a very small selection of photos on the website, so clients in the know visit a larger collection at to see more examples of my work.

We are already approaching the half full mark for wedding cakes for the 2007 season. Call soon if you are going to call! We are gaining popularity with the corporate crowd as well with our designs for edible branding and incredible cakes. Cookie favors are going to be big this year again, and logo cookies for specialty gift giving are on the list as well.

So stayed tuned for more great cakes and goodies. If 2006 was just a taste...the best is yet to come. And thanks again for all your support!