October 9, 2008

In need of blog makeover

Well, I've decided to move to word press. I've been playing with it a little but as you can see, I haven't told you all where to go. This is because I want a fresh look when I make the switch and if you know me at all, you know I can't do it myself. problem, I can do it all. Web

If you think you'd like to help me out, email me! Frankly, in a perfect world, someone with some mad skillz would bang my door down and tell me they want to create just for me and try out some new things that clients haven't gone for. Let my blog be your putty, you can mold it however you want! Just make it 'me' and easy to use (newbie here!), easy to search and find in search engines, follow the look of my brand (um, take a look around before emailing me, check my cake website and cookie site too), and be hip and funky but not too out there. My audience and client base are trendy but not major followers, hip but not fad, discerning but not snooty, fun but professional.

So come one, how 'bout it???