June 22, 2007

Taking the Cake to WCNY!

While I'm not able to put a streaming video on the site, I am able to tell you what fun it was to have segment producer, Amy Manley, from WCNY here to talk cake and tape an interview. It aired last night on WCNY24 during the June 21st episode of Business Close Up. I know my whole family tuned in, and some friends and customers too, to get an outsider's inside look to what I do.

Amy, my hat is off to you! You pieced together a wonderful look at She Takes The Cake, and I thank you.

If you didn't catch the segment, you can check the programming schedule to see when it will air again on a different channel. Perhaps in the future WCNY will add streaming video to their site so you can catch up on all their great programming!

To Amy, Kathy and the rest of the crew...glad you liked the cake!